AV7 with Linux Red Hat 7?

Has anyone ever tried to install Red Hat 7 (or any Linux for that matter) on an AV7 board with a duron (or thunderbird, whichever) chip? I have been trying for a while and although the Red Hat hardware compatability list lists both the board and the chip as compatible, they are specified as the most dificult install. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or suggestions.
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  1. A guy I work with installed Slackware on the ayv and it works ok. Apparently there are some LILO settings which must be used.

    Here is his email regarding how to set up Linux using a7v:

    Here is the site with the procedure for getting Linux to recognize

    ATA100 drives on boot-up.


    The I/O addresses for my system are different (I have BIOS 1004D) than
    those listed on the website:

    A - 0x9000
    B - 0x8800
    C - 0x8400
    D - 0x8000

    For Slackware 7.1, I used the following command with the installation boot

    boot: ramdisk ide2=0x9000,0x8802

    The IBM drive is setup as /dev/hde
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