Battlefield Bad Company 2 Realtek Fix yet?

I'm Just wondering if Dice/EA have patched this problem with Realtek Onboard sound freezing and crashing BC2? i own the game and everytime i used to try to play i couldn't since it'd crash. i know theres places on the internet that say don't use realteks drivers use window 7's default ones. well i don't have windows 7 so i can't.
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  1. I use Realtek audio drivers on my motherboard and never once had a problem with this crash...
  2. have you gone to the website and downloaded the realtek ones aswell?
  3. NEws to me, since most everyone NOT using a soundcard would likely be having the same issue, considering how most motherboards have a Realtek chipset...
  4. Hmm, i really want to play but i'm saving up for a new graphics card so i can't get a sound card. disappointing.
  5. Again, what Realtek issue are you talking about? I doubt its Realtek itself, as then you'd have million of people with issues, which obviously isn't the case.
  6. Yes it's a realtek issue it's where the game freezes and crashes.... and it happens everytime.

    this is on the EA forum it's a big thread about the realtek problem...
  7. i guess it wasnt a realtek problem since i disabled my realtek audio and it still crashed any suggestions now?
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