Is more than 1GB VRAM necessary?

on 1920x1080?

Lets say i had an infinitely powerful CPU, RAM, PSU etc. and a GTX 560 Ti 1GB; would the lack of more than 1GB have an effect on performance? i commonly hear people on youtube say that it is one of the few games that actually NEEDS more than a gig to be fully maxed out including view distance at respectable frame-rates.

I'm getting a GTX 560 Ti 1GB. i will overclock it heavily (hopefully to 1GHz +) , but that doesn't change the amount of VRAM.

should i get 6950 2gb instead for roughly the same price? or is even GTX 570 or 580 necessary? i don't really want to spend more than $300 on a card, but i will if it can max out this games and possible sequels.
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  1. A GTX 560 Ti should be more than adequate for GTA IV.
  2. You will be fine with the 560Ti. I used to run GTA IV with a GTX 260 - 896 MB, had no problems. Yes, the detail distance was set quite low BUT you would have to set it close to 0 to really see some negative impact on quality. I am now running the game on a GTX 570 - 1.28 GB. Not much difference, if any, even though the view distance is set much higher (still not max).

    As a side note, do not be disheartened if you cannot get super-high frame rates. The game is great, but the way they ported it from consoles SUUUCKS. It will be smooth though, so no worries, just won't hit 100 FPS or even get close.
  3. I actually disagree with both these posters..... and at times I disagree with Tom's, but even on this site ( and others ) somebody proved that 1gig wasn't enough for that game. Still would have been nice to see your monitor res and the rest of your real hardware. Don't make bad compromises you'll have to live with for years... in most cases. Get the "bigger" card. If you're not using the extra ram today but you'll be using it tomorrow.... especially if you use higher graphics settings..AA, etc. I have a few cards and all but 1 are 1gig. Not enough sometimes.
  4. Hi. I have some very useful info regarding GTA4 on the PC:

    I have tried this game on many systems and got really annoyed and frustrated with its continual stuttering, even on my Crossfire 5850 rig, even with a Core i5 2500K at 5Ghz!!!

    I recently found a fix to the problem, however. You have to make a file called "commandline.txt" and in it you put one line:

    -vidmemrestrict 0.###

    What the decimal represents is the percentage of your availiable VRAM for the game to use. If your computer has more VRAM availiable than the game settings require, it seems to stutter and slow down to an unplayable crawl.

    Even though I have 2Gb of VRAM, if I set the availiable RAM percentage to anything over around 900MB, the game stutters. So I figure that the game doesn't like my dual GPU setup. So I set the availiable VRAM to 900MB so that there is a little of my theoretical 1024MB left for Windows to run in the background. Then when I load the game I can max out the settings for my 900MB, and the game runs really smooth.

    At 1080p the game requires around 1200MB to run with the view distance set to 100% and everything else maxed out. I wonder if it's possible to max it out and get smooth framerates on a GPU with that much on one single GPU. i.e. a GTX 470 or a GTX 580.

    Another thing is that the game has no hardware AntiAliasing options. The software AA that they use (turn definition to "off" in the graphics menu) looks terrible and blurry. But I found that once I had optimised the vidmemrestrict setting, I could add 8xMorphological AA via the Catalyst Control Center, and it worked in-game (looks great BTW). Just make sure that you turn "definition" to "on".

    I wonder if the equivalent setting from the NVidia Control Panel would work also. It didnt seem to work on the DX10 cards IIRC.
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