Which laptop its better for gaming?

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  1. Do you really need a laptop? I would never recommend a laptop for gaming since you can put a very decent desktop PC together for the same amount of money, or less.
  2. For gaming i wouldnt recommend any of those. You will only stand to lose your money, you are better of getting a desktop for that price which will be multiple times much more powerful.

    If you really want a laptop for gamig then you should have a budget around 1500-2000usd, Laptops for gaming are a luxury product. 600-800usd will buy you an amazing desktop gaming PC more powerful then even the 1500usd laptops.
  3. A friend of mine has this one


    its amazing! but doubtful you'd wanna spend that much. stick with a DT for gaming
  4. Don't listen to these people who are stuck in 2005 saying you can't game on a laptop for less than $2000. $800-$1000 can easily get you a more than capable gaming laptop and while it won't be quite as powerful as a similarly priced desktop you won't be too far behind and still have the advantage of a laptop.
    Pretty much just look for something with decent discrete graphics. If a laptop has that everything else will fall in line. Cut out the unnecessary extras like 12GB ram, bluray, SSDs, RAID, 6 core cpus etc which do very little for gaming anyway. The options you posted seem pretty good (I don't personally have the time to fully go over either) but I would recommend ASUS just because that's what I have and love it. I bought one for $800 two years ago and it still holds up well on most games and obviously something you buy similarly priced today is going to be much better.
  5. With a desktop you can remove the graphics card and put a new one in. You can't do that with as laptop.
    Just make sure to get a decent motherboard and CPU, that way it doesn't limit the abilities of the graphics card in the future.
    I started with a 1.8Ghz P4, 6600GT laptop in 2005 and built my own Phenom II quad core 3.2 Ghz overclockable desktop in 2010 and I will never go back to a laptop for gaming.

    If you are worried about the weight, get a really cheap light weight case. I assembled a light weight dual core for LAN parties. The case was $25 dollars on newegg.
  6. Thanks guys for the info, im afraid i bought a kickass computer 8 days ago which played everything i threw at it but ended up returning it, i guess im more of a console gamer now adays after all :l
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