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I just found version 4.28a of the 4in1 VIA drivers. Since I could not find the file anywhere and the VIA boards seem to confirm that it is not there is version 4.25a, I think I will give 4.28a a try.

If anyone has used these, please post here. I will post results when I get them.

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  1. HEY!!! The installation actually went smoothly. No files missing and everything installed clean. Now we just need to try the ATA100 again!
  2. Good for you...

    If you loaded the Via 4.28 drivers BE VERY SURE that you loaded only the 4.28Va drivers. The previous versions don't have the right .inf file (which is now 1.20) The 4.28Va update is sanctioned by Via but ONLY with the 1.20 .inf file!!!! VERY VERY IMPORTANT!

    We are still testing these drivers as this only was officially endorsed very recently.

    I also talked to one of my techs and he reminded me that you have to create the .cab file by zipping your .inf and .vxd files, (if you had an error during install) but I hadn't done it in so long, I forgot about it.

    Sorry 'bout that, but it looks like you didn't need the information anyway.

    Steve Benoit

    Stable Technologies
    'The way IT should be!'
  3. Been using 428a for about a week now. Stable and makes W2K faster then ever.
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