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NFS Hot Pursuit Crashes

Hi guys, as there is a lot of discussion on the new NFS hot pursuit I was dying to play it and managed to get it from my friend. Every thing was fine until I started playing it. At the map screen the game crashes after selecting a race showing some error report. I asked my friend and he said in his pc the game is working fine. I have also installed the two patches released by EA but still it crashes but this time with a black screen. Can anyone help me?

PC specs:
intel core 2 quad Q8200
2 GB DDR2 ram
Ati radeon 5770 HD 1 GB
500w PSU
Windows vista 32-bit
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    Try updating your video card. I know a few having problems especially with intel quads with ATI cards. My quad is Q8400 with gts250, I haven't had any problems after the 1st patch
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