Windows 7 ultimate 32 bits keeps throwing an error message

Hi all,

My asus laptop has windows 7 ultimiate 32 bits os, for some reason an annoying error message keeps poping up: "Exception EInOutError in module TPSTSE~1.BAK at 0007F1CC. File access denied." This bloody message drives my nuts and i was googleing it without any luck, could someone in here plz shed me a lights will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Do you have any kind of backup software running? .BAK is generally a backup format. (I've seen it used specifically in firefox for bookmarks and apps like Autocad for auto-backups)

    Have you tried going into MSCONFIG and disabling all start-up items? You could do this and then start enabling them one by one until you find which service is giving you the message.

    Another option is to check out your event log and see if it writes any more information about the error. For example, there might be something like a failed MSI file trying to re-install something and that just happens to be one of the missing files.

    Hopefully this is somewhat helpful.
  2. 1) Pre-installed Windows or did you do it yourself?

    2) Does this happen randomly or when you try to do something specific?
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