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Can you guys suggest some splitscreen co-op campaign games for PS3?

My wife and I like playing co-op and I'm currently looking for a new game.

Some quick examples of co-op campaign games we played so far:
- RE5
- Vegas 2
- Borderlands
- Resistance

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  1. Little Big Planet
    Dead Nation
  2. I know you said split screen, but if you don't mind full screen, you can try Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.
  3. Little Big Planet! First one you can find for around $20, now that the 2nd one is in stores. Lots of fun!

    My wife and I enjoy playing some of the trivia games like Buzz and You Don't Know Jack, and also the Move Sports Champions games.
  4. @brandoncatz: little big planet, I had the 1st one. fun but get kinda repetetive after a while. I'll probably get the 2nd one when it gets cheaper. as for trivia games, i'm not really into those actually :D

    @Hawkeye22: guardian of light, I haven't heard of this one yet, I'll go watch some previews then thanks

    @Jazzmain: dead nation, also haven't heard of this one (I'm not really updated on gaming news), thanks for the suggestion
  5. If you are into shooters Army of Two games are really great co-op. Or if you are more into platformers I liked UP. If you still can't decide try co-opitmus [ ] they should have some good games there, or you could try gamescales, they have a co-op review section that is pretty good also [ ]

    But really go with Army of Two
  6. Portal 2 is out now if you like puzzle games.
  7. Try call of duty-modern warfare 2. It has these great special ops which you can play as co-op. Absolutely rock, for example the other one controlling a gun ship which the other one is on the ground. Totally addicted
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