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Is there a way to transfer saved data from an old ps3 to a new ps3?
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  1. your answer is on google
    keywords: transfer ps3 savegames

    short answer: use a SD-card
  2. Or use the PS3's backup/restore feature that will back up just about everyting including accounts.

    NOTE: Trophies do not get saved. You need to sync them with PSN, then resync on the new PS3.

    If you just want the game saves...
  3. You can use a USB stick if you wanted to.

    That being said, SOME savegames [Sonic 4, and most Ubisoft titles] are locked to a system, in which case you can't copy them. Very few games use this restriction though...
  4. Sounds like all the answers are already here. Use an SD (if you have an older model that has the card reader...), thumb drive or external USB hard drive and either copy the savegames to the device or use the backup utility to one of the external devices.
  5. All of the answers are here.

    3DS R4
    3DS SuperCard
    Nintendo 3DS card
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