Can not play TW shogun 2 demo

I downloaded and installed TW Shogun 2 Demo yesterday, then i played it Ok
today i can not play it, when i click play button on steam console window. game not play, it forward to TW Shogun 2 page on Steam console, help me! please
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  1. Steam can be a pain some times. Try to see if it "needs" an update. Shogun 2 is a good game and I wish it did not use steam as it's DRM. I miss the disk based DRM for it worked alot better.

    P.S I wish that steam was not as big as it is and have so many games making you use it just to play them. ( A bit offtopic)
  2. No problems here...Using it on my desktop with windows XP and laptop with windows 7...Maybe you need an update on steam
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