Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 - Uprading my PC

So I just found out about these games, and I decided to buy them for PC instead of Xbox 360. I could really use some advice on upgrading my PC in order to play these games on high to ultra high settings.

My current specs:

-HP 6460t


-Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT

-Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4Ghz

-19 inch monitor 1440x900 Resolution

I know that I will definitely have to upgrade the graphics card for sure, and I was thinking that I would increase the RAM to 4 GB.
My budget is 300$. Anyone have any suggestions on what graphics card I should buy to get the most performance for this amount of money? Also, I don't know my power supply, but I was wondering whether or not I would have to buy a new one to use a better graphics card. Additionally, I was wondering if my CPU would cause a bottleneck for those three games, or if it will be enough for them.

Please help. Thanks
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  1. Your going to have to build a new system. From the ground up. For the exception of your hard-drive. If its SATA. Not happening for 300 bucks. I would sell your XBOX and save up some money.
  2. Why do I have to build a new system? Is the motherboard not good or something? Can't I just add the specific parts?
  3. You must change the graphic card & processor.. What is your motherboard..? If you are going to a new processor you will have to change the motherboard if it does not support the new processor..
  4. Um, I'm not sure, but in CPU-Z it says Model: Benicia, Chipset Intel P35/G33/G31.

    Sorry if that's not correct. I'm new to all this =)
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    the best you could upgrade your processor to is an older core 2 quad from ebay or dual core e7600 if you want to buy new. with your $300, approx $100 would be spent on the CPU and you will still not have something great, but much better than what you have. To max out the games you specified expect to need a new quad core processor from intel from the i5 or i7 range and new motherboard to support it. For a gfx card, it is unknown what these new games will require, but if you want to MAX them out you will probably need a gtx580 period which is WAY over your budget. Something that is in your budget would be an amd 6850 or nvidia gtx460, they should be able to play those games with med detail settings and will look significantly better than your crappy xbox. You are talking about unreleased games in which the previous versions maxed out the best gfx cards out at the time. Wait until they are released, look at some benchmarks, then decide what you want to do.
  6. Thanks. Also, will that new processor work with the motherboard that I have? And I don't necessarily have to max out those games, I just want to have them on high settings with stable FPS. Ultra High is not necessary. I was hoping that since my resolution is sort of low (1440x900) my weak CPU could work. Is overclocking the CPU not an option as well?
  7. Ok never mind. Thanks for the help but I am just going to wait till they come out.
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