Upgrade gpu.. Crysis still not working as well as it should..

hey guys.. im new here, just joined today :)
anyways, last week i went out and bought a Powercolour ATI Radeon 6850 HD to upgrade from my old nVidia 9500GS.

my specs are now:

Q6600 Quad Core running @ 2.4GHz
6GB of RAM
Powercolour ATI Radeon 6850 HD
550 watt Coolermaster power supply
Windows Vista x64

First thing i do is install crysis, because i didnt bother with my old video card. I run it in a 1680x1080 window, set everything to very high (except for Post processing which i set to just "high), and run the game... and it won't run at a respectable fps. once a shootout starts, or i get into a vehicle, or zoom in with my binoculars, the fps drops to the 20s and on really intense moments it drops to the 10s...

I was tremendously dissapointed with this performance.. what can i do? Is it my CPU bottlenecking? Will restoring my system to factory settings (I bought a stock computer) help?

EDIT: The performance not being as good as it should be is not specific to crysis- something like Empire: Total War does not run at 30+ fps with high settings, and i have to run Bulletstorm in a window with no AA and Post Processing turned to Medium in order to have playable FPS, and it still probably isnt above 30.
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  1. That does seem really strange, as I can run Bulletstorm at max without AA, and I have a lowly G6950 @ 4.2ghz and the sapphire 6850. Did you completely remove your Nvidia drivers, because that happened to me before I did a clean sweep.
  2. Bulletstorm is not even close to as demanding as Crysis......
    Try to tune down AA...
    It can give a huge performance increase.
  3. ^ I agree, and it doesn't look that much worse.
  4. Ok guys lets just remember one thing: games are built on "different engines"

    Im sure some of us have got more than one game installed, Now you play a demanding game and it runs like a dream then you play another demanding game and experience a lag but yet both have the same if not similar system requirements, Simple " The Engine"
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