OR840 Boot & USB modem problem

Hi, I need help.
I changed my motherboard to Intel OR840. And my dream system supposed to be became a nightmare. My sytem has 2 Pentium III 1GHz OEM(C0 stepping) processors, 2 sticks of Samsung 256MB PC800 RDRAM, Adaptec 29160 SCSI Card, Matrox Millennium G400 Max, Alcatel Speed Touch USB ADSL modem, etc. OR840 doesn't warm boot. Cold boot only! Before installing Windows 2000, it booted well. After installing Win2k, it doesn't warm boot. I have to disconnect power before every boot. It looks like keyboard and mouse are switched during warm boot and no go. Another problem is USB ADSL modem suddenly lose power while surfing internet. Everything worked fine on Intel VC820 motherboard. Is there anyone has these problems with OR840? Help me, please. Thank you.
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  1. Hi, guys
    I solved problems. My system runs like a charm.
    I connected keyboard and mouse normally.(keyboard to keyboard connector, mouse to mouse port)
    Installed Windows 2000.
    After Win2k installed, switched keyboard and mouse.(keyboard to mouse port, mouse to keyboard port)
    Sounds funny? But it works. Maybe it's a feature? Or bug?(er, errata)
    USB modem losing power problem?
    I went out to my local Micro Center and bought a ADS technologies USB Turbo Quad 4 PCI card for $49.95 for my last try. My modem is working great again with that card. But my joystick that was connected sound card was not recognized any more. Maybe system resources problem since I got 4 more USB controllers and 5 USB hubs. I connected the joystick to one of new USB ports. No more problems. As a result, I lost 1 PCI slot and got 2 more USB controllers.(Of course excluding expence) It's a OR840's USB port problem.
    My first board had these problems. So my vendor sent me a new one. This new one behaves exactely same as the first one. Definitley there are problems with Intel OR840 motherboard. Maybe BIOS problem? Where are you, Intel?
    Oh, yeah! I know what you guys are gonna call me. Intel inside, idiots outside. Argh!

    Performance of newly modified system by SiSoft Sandra 2000
    Dual PIII 1GHz CPU Dhrystone 5483 MIPS (3497161)
    FPU Whetstone 2652 MFLOPS (1420945)
    1x Athlon 1GHz CPU Dhrystone 3111 MIPS (1984127)
    ,256kB FPU Whetstone 1395 MFLOPS (747470)
    Dual PIII 1GHz ALU/Memory Bandwidth 535 MB/s
    PC800 FPU/Memory Bandwidth 611 MB/s
    1x Athlon 1GHz ALU/Memory Bandwidth 434 MB/s
    KT133 FPU/Memory Bandwidth 521 MB/s

    Isn't it a killer?

  2. Hi,

    I disabled on-board IDE controller that I don't use (My system is SCSI ONLY), and connected Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro joystick to the game port of the sound card. It's recognized and I got back one more USB controller. I have 3 full speed USB ports(3 USB controllers excluding useless on-board controller) left now.
    It's working great except some glitches. Sometimes sytem reboots twice after installing a software which requires reboot. Another problem is sometimes Napster hangs if I play around too fast (ie, editing) while using the internal player. I have to use it very slowly. My system may be too fast(?) for that proggie.
    I'm a happy camper now.

  3. Ugh! Now you have me remenissing about my VIA problems! At least now I know what Intel chipset besides the 810 not to buy! Actually I think you have been having resouce conficts and should have set PNP OS to NO in BIOS.

    Suicide is painless...........
  4. Hi,
    Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, OR840 BIOS doesn't have such settings. It has the simplest settings I've ever seen. Funny thing is it boots fine with normal keyboard and mouse setting after flashing BIOS even Win2k is installed. But if Win2k boots once, then no more warm boot. Because keyboard and mouse are not recognized on warm boot with normal setting. Is there any possibility that BIOS might been overwritten by Win2k? Argh!
    Thank you again for your input.
  5. You could always try changing the PCI slots your cards are in.

    Suicide is painless...........
  6. Thank you for your suggestion.
    It happens with a video card, a SCSI card, a HDD and a FDD only. Since Matrox Millennium G400Max is an AGP card, I tried to put Adaptec 29160 SCSI card in the third PCI slot. No difference. Always same results. Also it doesn't boot at once with keyboard and mouse switched when system was cold. It goes to black screen at the first boot and reboots again. Then Win2k starts on that boot.

    I found a strange thing from OR840 Specification Update.


    49. Resuming from S1 sleep state may cause non-working keyboard or mouse

    PROBLEM: Keyboard or mouse may not work when resuming from S1 sleep state if the system receives an interrupt from the device before it has fully entered the S1 Sleep state.

    IMPLICATION: No keyboard or mouse control after returning from stanby.

    WORKAROUND: Plug the keyboard into the top connector and the mouse into the bottom connector. Set both keyboard and mouse to wake the system from stanby. Do not try to wake the system until it has fully entered stanby.

    STATUS: This erratum was fixed in BIOS revision OR840700.86E.0244.P04.

    My BIOS is OR840703.86E.0248.P04.(current BIOS) What do you think about this? I think SLEEPY OR840 always tries to fall in sleep after system shutdown or restart. And that bug still exists. By the way, I found that I wasn't the first guy who had that FUNNY idea of switching keyboard and mouse. BRILLIANT Intel engineers had that honor.

    Dear Intel, wake up and make OR840 wake up.
  7. Would disabling sleep mode / power saving features in BIOS and Win 2k make any difference? Since you're using SCSI, the hdd's won't spin down anyway.
  8. OR840 BIOS is real Plug-and-Prey(!!!). Only S1 on stand-by mode setting. No other choice. No disable either. There supposed be S3 before, but Intel removed S3 because of a problem. I guess the best thing I can do right now is to use it with normal keyboard and mouse plug-ins and just wait until Intel fixes the BIOS.
    Thank you for the help.
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