Can i run crysis 2 on max settings?

My system specs:
Intel i5 650 @3.2 ghz
GTS 250(1 gb)
4GB ddr3 ram
500 gb HDD
Windows XP SP3
I usually run games 1360x768 or less resolution. Will i be able to have a smooth experience on max settings?
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  1. Max settings? No. Will you be able to run it? Yes. Probably medium settings or there-about, also depends on if you'll be using dx9 or dx10.
  2. well guessing he has Windows XP im guessing Dx9.... uhh i've seen some videos on youtube of Crysis 2 and the guy had a GTS 250 aswell and was running it at high settings and 1280x1024 resolution so im guessing high but not Maxed...
  3. Have you tried Crysis Warhead on max settings?

    That should help answer your question.
  4. i thing you will play it smoothly on high because i've seen that the recomended requirement of the game is
    core 2 duo e6750 or amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 5800+
    gts 240 or ati radeon hd 3870
    2 gb ram
    and you said that you play on 1360x768 or less resolution so i thing you can play on high
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