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Inbound connections limit in windows 7

Does anyone know if Windows 7 has the same limit of 10 inbound connections that Windows XP Pro had?
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    According to Paul Thurrott's Super Site for Windows, the limit is 20 inbound SMB connections for all editions of Windows 7.
  2. Thanks!! I'm going to hope that it's true and figure on a test.
  3. Hi Andyb
    Did you found out if this is true? does it work up to 20 inbound SMB?
  4. I'm planning to start a Win7 eval later this month.
  5. I searched google, and found several websites state that half open connection limit has been removed in win 7 and vista sp2
  6. Open "cmd" as Administrator
    type "net config server" and check for "Maximum Logged On users" number. That is max. inbound connections
  7. I did that on my 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate system and it showed a maximum of 20 users and 16K open files.
  8. I did an in-place upgrade from Vista x86 to Windows 7 Ultimate x86, hoping to get around to 10 user limit. However, after the upgrade to Windows 7, "net config server" still shows a 10 user limit.

    Any tips? I'd really rather not do a clean install...
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