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Does anyone have information on the 8th Generation consoles?

Also, What is your definition of gaming. It seems the true gamer has been lost. With all these modern day games, it seems there is no real virtue in playing games anymore. What happened to 'real' gaming.

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  1. I agree 2 dadiggle

    Probably the next level in games will be more changes in user interface. 3D compatiblity, voice operated commands, scanning objects like a bat and swinging it in the game, lcd glasses on your eyes, touch sensitive pads on the floor, multi tv set ups...

    alot of this stuff is out now but unperfected.. graphics will improve slightly but interface will change somehow. Maybe the controller will be replaced with something that looks like an ipad?

    I don't see a need for new consoles at the moment.. when pcs start doing things that console players want then the 3 companies will create new products. Untill then enjoy the games! There are way to many for me to keep up with right now
  2. Thank consoles. With my 5870 in CF, I will be able to max every game for then next 5 years, because they will not be updating the consoles anytime soon.
  3. Quote:
    Sony well they were top then they decided to push the blue ray thing and they took a huge hit with it.

    And? They'll be collecting royalties on every BD disk printed for the next several decades. I think they'll chalk that up as a WIN. Besides, I rather like playing Star Ocean:TLH, without having to swap between three disks.

    Also, anyone who thinks consoles have to even approach PC's in terms of power has no understanding how unified, integrated hardware development works.
  4. Quote:
    swopping disks? What's the hdds for then?

    When coding for the 360, because of the 360 arcade [no HD model], you can NOT assume a HD will be present for the console. As such, no caching, no mandatory installs, and you're limited to whatever you can fit on a DVD9 disk. And in SO:TLH, the 360 version needed 3 disks.

    Well Nintendo with a 667mhz Cpu just showed you don't need a 3.2ghz heat box to sell consoles. This is how Microsoft and Sony thinks.

    The majority of people got 3 or 4 HD TVS in their houses with at least one in the kids rooms. Or wait more adults are into gaming than kids who is dependant from their parents.

    This is how Nintendo approached the market.
    The Avg home got 1 HD TV where the old CRT was moved from the living room to the kids room. Children outnumber adults in a household normally.

    Guess who was made a crap load of money and not spending a lot on manufacturing it?

    Different markets. And to be fair, Nintendo was in deep trouble after the Gamecube debacle, and they still have major third-party support issues. Nintendo will forever hold the kids, but they always graduate to something else in the end. And you're already seeing the Wii fad start to fade, as every game returns to the same "Slash, Stab, Jab" formula at the end of the day.
  5. Can't Nintendo go back to hand operations: Buttons and thumbsticks.

    I want the old name games back and their style, not necessarily their graphics.
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