Warcraft 3 frozen throne cant play single player fatal error

I cannot play warcraft 3 single player now, everytime i click on the map the warcraft 3 auto-closed and pop up a message with"Fatal Error!....Access_Violation...."
but i have no problem with playing on LAN
may i know how to fix this problem?
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  1. Try updating your drivers
  2. Is this a legal copy of the game?
  3. I bought the cd , i think it is legal , and i ve been using it 3 yrs ago without any problem
    i updated my driver and uninstall the warcraft 3 already but still the same problem
  4. May be that it's been used (the key-code) on multiple computers. Once a key has been used more than once, it may not work online.
  5. Right click the shortcut of the war3 icon and you should see


    The D:\WarcraftIII would represent the directory you installed warcraft in

    You need to add the following to it

    D:\WarcraftIII\war3.exe -opengl

    No quote, nothing, just add -opengl

    Let me know how it went!
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