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my 8 year old son accidently dropped his slimline ps2 station on the floor well actually it is a 14inch drop onto a carpet. Now it will not play any games it comes up with the message 'cannot read data' i do not think the disc is spinning inside im not sure if it is suppose to as im not good with things like this.
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  1. Looks like it's time for him to learn the lesson of picking up gets u a new ps2 in a week. Sry best luck. Try to find a "mom n pop" game store that does game repair. Either yellow pages or google local.
  2. If you have a local gamestop, you can get refurbed PS2's pretty cheap these days.
  3. thanks both for your replies i have looked further inside and the disc does go round i think the laser eye may not be reading the disc, maybe come out of place, unfortunately i live in turkey so will have to try and search for a person who may be able to repair it. I originally bought this in the UK as they are so much cheaper than here in Turkey.
  4. Do they sell CD/DVD lens cleaning disks there? It looks like an ordinary CD/DVD, but it has little brushes on it that brush dust/debris off the lens. Of course if the lens is misaligned due to extreme heat/cold or some other reason, then cleaning the lens will not fix the problem.

    Good luck!
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