What is the most played game currently?

If a game is cross platform, count all of its total players. For example if a game like CoD B.O. is on ps3, xbox, and pc you can count all those players. Is WoW still the most played game currently? Meaning it has the highest number of users playing each day. What is in 2nd/3rd is there a list anywhere?
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  1. WoW has the most concurrent players at 13million+.

    At the moment it's probably WoW, COD:BO, Halo Reach, MW2
  2. Current yes ! but Css, Still a well loved online multi player.
  3. ^^ is that saying "just dance 2" has more players than WoW?
  4. ^^I think he meant PLAYED, not SOLD. If so, I'd say WoW, CoD:BO, and probably BF:BC2 as the top 3.
  5. Plants VS Zombies ... (at least for me, I'm addicted to this game)
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