Battlefield bad company 2 freezing :(

Hello guys

I have been playing battlefield bad company 2 for a while now, but it have start to freeze sometimes when i play. I can't do anything, and it "says" a wierd sound in the headset or speakers. Only thing is to restart, with the start butttom or restart buttom. xD
My freind have the same problem, and he have recentely bought new graphic card, because he thought his old was crashed. But it still dos it with him too.

IT IS ONLY IN bfcd2 it does it! :O

Hope anyone know what the problem is, and what to do if anyting. :D

My specs:
Intel I7 920 1.7ghz CPU
Asus rampage II gene Motherboard
2x2 kingston hyperX Memory
Asus Nvidia 8600 gts GPU
Energon 750watt PSU

And good cooling specs, the temp on the cpu are never over 30*C. and gpu around the 30-40*C

Thank you! :D
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  1. Is the game legit ?
    Might need a gpu upgrade, not a good combo the 8600 and i7 920.
    Consider a gtx 460, 6850..
  2. I have been thinking of buying Ati 5950 or GTX 560 TI.

    But i can't be the problem, cause my freind had the same problem??
  3. As i wrote before: My freind has the same problem, and his PSU should be okay. Corsair 750w

    But my problem coul'd be the PSU yeah, it sucks! :(
  4. Oh yeah. It's 2.67. xD
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