AMD 761 chipset, 5 boards got it. The best?

The new AMD 761 chipset (northb) combined with the southbridge Via 686. Can take the new DDR modules (FSB 200,266). PC1600, PC2100. But wich is the best motherboard from the market.
2. Gigabyte GA-7DX
3. FIC AD11
4. Biostar K7
5. MSI-6341

Anybody has any experience with one of the above?
Any comments on the best board may be?
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  1. I've seen good reviews on the Asus board. I have the Gigabyte board- it's not any good. I had it for a week and ditched it for the IWill KA266.

    -MP Jesse
  2. I don't think so. According to "Stable" (and others), the A7M266 has big problems!
  3. MSI K7 Master or Master-s (-S means SCSI addition) I hear is the best current DDR board.

    AO Admin
    The Dr.Twister Network
  4. MSI K7 Master and K7 Master-S are the best right now. Boards with the VIA KT266 are projected to be out in March. The KT266 chipset is going to beat the AMD761, because of its double pumped comm between the north and south bridges. Im waiting for a ASUS or MSI board with the VIA KT266 myself, but hey its your money and your system.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  5. i just built my first AMD system and used the AD11 - its running great. SteveB really likes both MSIs and I am considering upgrading to the Master-S because its a cheap way for me to upgrade my SCSI.

    FIC AD11 @ 100MHz FSB
    1.0GHz Athlon-B OC'd and currently stable @ 1161MHz (11.5 & 1.85v Vcore)
    128MB Crucial PC1600 DDR CAS2
    AHA-2940U/UW SCSI
    2.1GB WDE
    9.1GB Barracuda
    NEC CD-Rom 8X
    Ricoh 2X/4X CD-RW
    Voodoo3 3000 PCI
    SB Live!
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