What does it mean when ....

Here are my comp. scecs.

Amd 650 classic
Msi K7Pro
Diamond Viper V550 16mb pci
(2) Maxtor 20 mb 5400 drives
48x cd
Phoebe 56k modem
"No" Soundcard (last one died/upgrading soon)

My problem is when Windows is loading & alomost finished it says : New Hardware Found "PCI Bridge"

What does it refer to ?? Modem or Graphics card ??
I do not know which drivers to use ?!?

Help !!! This comes up every time Windows is loading .
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  1. Try your motherboard drivers.

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  2. Install the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers. It is refering to a feature of the Chipset.

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  3. This is not a VIA chipset board .
    MSI K7Pro (SLOTA)
    AMD 756 Chipset

    Also , the board is updated .
  4. OK, your right, I was thinking of another board, but it still sounds like a chipset driver. Do you have all you chipset drivers on a disk? Sometimes the drivers are on a compressed file that is opened when you run a setup program and the drivers files are loaded into you system directory. So you may need to run driver setup to get them restored.

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