Looking for new mmo. (Please help :D)

Hey everyone,

Ive been looking for a new mmorpg for a pretty long time. I havent really played one for more than a couple months besides Guildwars. What i want in a game is mostly a decent sized active community along with some strong pvp and a good level cap to keep me busy (some decent graphics wouldnt hurt either). Preferably a game with pay to play, considering most games ive bought have been better buying or paying monthly fees.

I have tried World of Warcraft, Aion, Guildwars, Champions online, and Lineage 1 and 2 along with tons of free games.

Also i have been trying the EVE 14 day trial and it is ok, im not sure if i would actually buy it or not. Doesnt seem like theres too much to do (that ive seen at least).

Sorry if i sound kinda picky everyone.

Thanks for your help :D
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More about looking please
  1. Try Rift!
  2. I'm mostly just catching up on my sleep so that I'm ready when they finally launch Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  3. dredg98 said:
    Try Rift!

    I tried Rift during the beta and thought it was awful. Has it changed much since the beta?
  4. Try Vindictus or Mabinogi (they are personally my favs)
  5. If you tried Rift on the Defiant side and still find it awful its ok. I pretty much died inside when I tried the Guardian side but loved to be Defiant (little robots and steampunk wherever i looked...)
    But the games you might want to try are Mythos (diablo-style free-to-play) Black Prophecy (SciFy MMO, gorgeous intro but missions after intro are rather... well. not so much fun for running them alone again and again) and a game im greatly looking forward to is Infinity:Quest for earth, a scify mmo as well but rather promising one. Youll be actually be able to enter a planets orbit and fly over the surface.
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