Buy Win XP OEM to install Win 7 Upgrade?

I am planning to build a desktop and have just pre ordered the Win 7 Pro for students for $30. I understand that I need a previous version of windows installed to do the upgrade...

If I buy Win XP Home OEM for $30 off ebay and install it on the new machine can I then install the upgrade all for just $60?

And that means the license will be attached to the Motherboard right?
Sorry for sounding like a noob
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  1. Yes you can, and the license never is attached to the motherboard, the license is attached to the rig where you install the OS. Everytime that you re-install the OS, the license number is asked, independent if is the same computer of the first installation or is another PC.
  2. that means if I upgrade hardware in the rig that I need to buy another license?
  3. course not, if you change some hardware of your PC the license that you bought works without problems.
  4. No - You are entitled to upgrade and repair your rig, as you see fit. If the protection gets tripped, Windows will provide you a toll free (in the US, anyhow) number to call. Takes 5 minutes to get a new licence.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something here. I thought there was no direct upgrade path from XP to Win 7. I just read somewhere that Win 7 requires a re-format to install on an XP machine. Yes/no?
  6. That is correct. The "Upgrade" version of Win 7 allows for a clean install. It will ask you for your XP licence key.
  7. Nope, just found out that your not going to need either XP or Vista installed. The 'Upgrade" will act like a full version install. Here's the info directly from Microsoft(just follow the custom installation instructions, it states nowhere that an XP or Vista key is needed):
  8. but surely they wouldnt allow a full install using the upgrade? then why buy the full verison?
  9. You buy the full version if you haven't got anything to upgrade from.
    I think previous version of windows worked the same in regards to allowing you to do a fresh install rather than upgrade? Could be wrong though.
  10. j_bob said:
    but surely they wouldnt allow a full install using the upgrade? then why buy the full verison?

    It has happened before in the past. I remember when OSX first came out, as soon as people found out that you were able to use the upgrade as a full install, they were flying off the shelfs...

    But who knows, maybe Microsoft is throwing us students a bone?

    I took the risk and ordered mine. Well worth it if you ask me. And if it doesnt install, just email Digital River stating exactly what their and Microsoft web site stated about installing into a computer with no existing OS and you will probably end up with a free full version :P
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