Win 7 x64: IE9 (Beta) and FLASH (Beta)

As many of us know, Internet Explorer 9 (public beta) is now available for download. (short summary: Faster and more "Chrome~like")

What you may not know is that at long last Adobe also have a Beta version of 64 bit FLASH.

Over the weekend I installed the 64 bit Beta Flash on 64 bit IE9 (beta) - and yeah preliminary testing says It WORKS.
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  1. I saw the release date for IE9 was last week sometime. How is it? I run a 64 bit machine and my IE8 hasn't worked right in forever, I use Firefox all the time any way.
  2. Also running a 64 bit machine - the details are available in the More Information link under my avatar:

    I'm not a big IE fan at all. As a matter of long, long practice have run anything *but* Internet Exploder - and that's going all the way back to the Netscape days. Take the following with a grain of salt, since I've done no repeatable/measurable testing.***

    Anyways - I installed IE and when that ran satisfactorily for most of the last week, I went ahead and tempted the fates by adding 64 bit Flash.

    Even at a glance IE9 is significantly faster than 8, and is also faster than the the Firefox 3.5.5 (with a small list of add ons) install that I have on my current main box. The UI is small/sparce, and very Chrome~like. Except being MSFT, they have to put their own 'touches' there. Still - A huge improvement over what came before. I won't conjecture on whether it's enough to make me utter the blasphemy which would be an implication of acceptance of a MSFT browser. But it's surprisingly non-painful.

    Flash - I just did this morning - so the most I can say at this point is that you can use the flash apps at sites like BMW USA and Mercedes Benz to build yourself a car that you could never afford. So "64 Bit Flash Works", though the question of 'How Well' is still up in the air.

    ***I did head to the ACID test site.. but for some unfathonable reason known only to the DIA, CIA, FBI, and Elmo The Muppet (not necessarily in that order, either...) the site was inaccessible when I tried. Couldn't possibly be the first public release of a new Browser.... So it has to be a global conspiracy - I'd go into more detail, but it gets kind of vague and confusing around the part where to prove the theory you have to place Jessica Alba's underpants over your head in the presence of the Pope (YES!! There *IS* a God!!... and then yo



    Nothing to see here.... move along...

    "LOOK!!! Free Health Care!!!!"
  3. Hmm faster always seems to get my attention but then I think "What about my plugins" Without my traffic inspectors and element inspectors it would be so much more of a pain in the a$$ to do my job.
  4. Plug ins~wise - Last Pass imported from IE8 during the install and so far works fine. I'd love to have a 'No Script' type add on, tho.
  5. IMO IE9 beta plus flash 64 beta is the perfect match for a big error :lol:
  6. saint19 said:
    IMO IE9 beta plus flash 64 beta is the perfect match for a big error :lol:

    OH YEAH!! :lol:

    But I'm a glutton for punishment that way ;) Besides: Makes for good stories. :na:
  7. A kind soul over at Sevenforums posted a link to some test results:

    Not much of a write up - just a listing of results of 32 bit IE9 versys 64 bit IE9. The result is x64 IE9 destroys the x86.

    Went Digging for more:

    IE9 versus Chrome and Firefox: (arguments in the comments section)

    and an old PC Mag one from the preview in March:,2817,2361444,00.asp
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