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I don't know when it started, or how it started but lately my computer cannot run any games without lag. Games that use to the run smoothly like Modern Warfare, Fallout 3 and such now lag so badly it's almost impossible to play. I've got the latest updated drivers, and also tried to use the drivers that came with the disk (which I was using back when I was playing Fallout 3) but to no avail.

I purchased Bulletstorm yesterday (was an oversight on my part, I forget that my computer was stuffed up seeing as though I haven't gamed in a while) and tried running it today, it can run alright but there is severe lag every couple of seconds, and even the cutscene lags. It isn't continuous lag, but there are periods where lag becomes uncontrollable, however normal gameplay seems to falling short in terms of FPS too (I haven't turned on Fraps to check but seeing as though I can see the choppiness means that it's below 60FPS).

Before we go any further here are my specs:
Graphics Card: 1GB Gigabyte HD 4870
CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9550 @ 2.83ghz (Yes, sadly no overclocking, you'll see why in a minute)
RAM: Corsair 4GB DDR2 1033Mhz
Motherboard: P45...oh geez, I can't remember off by heart. If you really need to know I can post it later
Case: Sonata III, with only one Antec TriCool
Cooling: Stock Intel CPU fan/heatsink (yeh, you see why no overclocking?)

At first I just thought my graphics card was outdated and unable to run the game smoothly, but then I checked on "Can You Run It?" and it seems as though my graphics card and all other hardware were well over reccomended specs. Then I went onto YouTube to find video's of people using the same graphics card playing Bulletstorm, they were running it without lag whatsoever. So here I am, trying to find a logical explanation as to why my computer is failing so hard as of this moment.

Further examples of my lag would be when I was somehow possessed to download and open up a copy of MapleStory (Don't worry, I don't play it... any more) and it lagged. Yes... MAPLESTORY, lagged. It would drop down to 10FPS. Recently I started to play League of Legends (oh god, yes I know, why am I so Asian for?) and that too, lags when there are more than 10-20 creatures on the screen at any one time.

I know my computer has already passed it's one year anniversary since it's creation (or is it nearly 2 now?) but I really doubt that any properly working rig would lag when playing darn MapleStory.

So help me guys, please find out what's wrong with my computer. There is no incentive but my gratitude forever, and maybe a cookie.
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  1. Well, Monitor your temps with hw monitor. Might be an overheating problem.
    You can try removing your gpu, spray out any dust in there. Might work.
  2. Quote:

    What resolution do you play at

    I play at 1680 x 1050 for Bulletstorm. I also run dual monitors if that's any help.

    55Range said:
    Well, Monitor your temps with hw monitor. Might be an overheating problem.
    You can try removing your gpu, spray out any dust in there. Might work.

    I actually have tried removing it and spraying out dust from my GPU a few months ago around the time when I first realised this started to happen. However, after I monitor my hardware temperature I will try again.

    Thanks for the quick reply you two :)

    Edit: My GPU temperature at idle is around 58.0 Celsius according to TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.5.1. After running ATitool scanning for artifacts it puts the GPU Load onto 85% and causes it reach about 71.0 Celsius. As far as my computer knowledge extends, these values are quite within acceptable limits (especially seeing as though I only have 1 case fan)
  3. maybe the card's just gone faulty?
  4. Maybe, but I would like that to be confirmed before I go ahead and buy a new graphics card.

    Oh, on a side note, although I know the Windows Experience Index is a gimmick made by Microsoft, it still worries me to see it rate my CPU as 3.8 when originally it was at around 7.5? Has this happened to everyone or has my CPU died and bottlenecked my GPU with it? (That would be a pretty likely explanation, no?)
  5. Sorry for the double post and bumping but I would really love to get this solved.
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