MSI K7T Pro 2-A Problems

Well here is the story.... I've had this board for a couple of weeks and it has worked flawlessly until now. Yesterday I was playing Q3 and for the first time yet, it locked. I'm not talkin' just a simple lock but the kind where the monitor goes blank and the power light starts flashing (like the monitor is in suspend mode) and the reset button doesn't work. The only way to restart the machine is with the power button. After trying to solve the problem by messin' around with the vid card settings and a few BIOS tweaks the problem still happened at random. Sometimes even when not playing a 3D game. I started to do some more serious troubleshooting. Here is a list of what I've done so far.

1. Reset BIOS settings to 'Default Failsafe'.
2. Reset BIOS settings to 'Default Optimum'
3. Cleared CMOS using the JBAT1 jumper.
4. Formatted boot drive.
5. Reinstalled Win2k. (it locked up every time during the OS install in the same manner so I moved on to the next steps before successfully installing Win2k)
6. Installed Win98 ( I have no idea why this install worked and not Win2k)
7. Yanked out ALL PCI cards except the vid card (still locked)
8. Yanked out the vid card and installed my old TNT card.
9. Ran Scandisk on drives (including surface scan)
10. Swapped RAM
11. Swapped Power Supply

None of these solutions worked. I have nothing overclocked on my system. I have 2 case fans (intake & exhaust), the PS fan and a SuperOrb on the CPU. I have 4 green lights on the little diagnostics light bank (even when locked). These are my specs:

K7T Pro 2-A Mainboard
256MB AMD Approved CAS3 PC-133 RAM
1G T-Bird
Herc GeForce2 GTS 64MB
SBLive! Value

I certainly don't claim to be any tech genious but I do have limited knowledge. I have run out of ideas here and I'm hoping that someone here has had similar symptoms and found a fix. I had all the proper drivers installed the first time with no extraordinary settings anywhere. I don't think cooling is an issue.

If I think of anything else that may be relevant I'll add it here. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. It almost seems stable now until I run a 3D application but it's always those hard lockups, not the ordinary AMD/OpenGL hangs that we've all had. I think this problem is unrelated.

Basically if I can't fix it I'd like to somehow narrow it down to being a mainboard problem so I can blow the coin on a new one. I obviously don't want to buy a new mb and find out that it's a different problem...hehe

Any help would be appreciated... Thanks.

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  1. Hi Arker,

    Believe or not, I happen to have the same problem, I did almost all the step you did and have even tried window2000 and window millenium. When Pull up all the cards except the vid(Aopen GeForece2 MX 32MB), the problem dissapears.

    What I figured out(and both system have in common) was that we have both chose SB-Live Value! and believe or not, when I take that out from my system (AMD TB850, 256 RAM) both OS works properly, and have no problem with the games.

    I have also tested the SB PCI 512 and the same scenerio occurs. I think the problem is with the EMU10k1 chip on the card (I am not sure about this, but both my PCI 512 and live value use this chip, and they both freeze the system).

    I am not sure if there is a compatibity problem with the MB and the SB family cards, but I am sure we have experienced similar problems.
  2. I'll try again removing the SBLive! to see if it resolves the problem. It had no affect when I tried it the first time so I can't imagine it will now. It's almost hard to believe that that sound card could be causing this for the simple fact that this would be an epidemic when you think about how many people have a similar card.

    My machine does make what sounds like a painful 'chirp' noise when it siezes up but I can't tell, because it's so short, whether it comes from the regular speakers or the pc speakers. I guess I'll find out when I yank out the audio card eh?


  3. Try not to installing the hardware monitoring software that came with the board. I just built a Duron system with this particular board and it ran fine until I installed the hardware monitoring software that came on the install disc. That software would cause the system to lock randomly and (once) shut down the video signal to the monitor.

    MSI K7T Pro 2A
    Duron 750
    64 MB of Micron CAS 2 PC-133
    ATI Rage 128 32 MB
    Via chipset driver 4.26 (4.28a locked up too)
    Via AC97 onboard sound
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