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I hope you can help me... I am not a sure if this is the best place to post this thread but...
So I am thinking about playing games 3D... I use AMD but I am sure I can use iZ3D for software. My diisplay is Samsung XL2370HD.

I am searching for some good 3D glasses. For now I have some cheap 3D anaglyph red/cyan glasses and I am disapointed. Can you recomand me some good 3D glasses :bounce: THX
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  1. Ok, first off, we need your full rig specs. CPU, GPU, PSU, etc.
    Next, to run 3D games your monitor should have a refresh rate of 120 hertz. From the limited research I could manage, I haven't found the reading on your monitor. So put those specs up as well.

    I think you may want to consider getting the nVidia 3D Vision kit if you're really hooked onto 3D gaming. It's available for $149 on newegg


    More when we get more info on your setup.
  2. By what you're saying, a 1920x1080 LCD monitor will run 3D games on a refresh rate of 24 hertz? I'm a bit confused, if not misinformed. I thought to run 3D games you need a monitor with a refresh rate of 129 Hertz....
  3. I have Saphhire HD6850 OC to 1000/1200. My monitor refresh rate is 59/60 Hz.
  4. Quote:
    no LCDs don't have a refresh rate their not CRTs.a. They only emulate a refresh rate to be compatible with your gpu. I don't know exactly how Amd 3d work but I believe there's a lot of emulation and there's different engines.

    So like I'm using a 23 incher Dell running at 1920x1080p, refresh rate @ 60 Htz, GTX 470, would it run 3D?
  5. so any 3D chance?
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