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Old pc side-scroller/platformer I'm trying to find.

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March 7, 2011 8:00:44 PM

I'm having hard time trying to find an old 2D sidescroller/platformer game. I used to play it a looong time ago on Win 95 or 98 I guess.

You played as an knight and could attack with sword and shoot arrows with bow. You could also collect fruits (red berries?). It had very blocky graphics and usually (mostly/always?) would scroll up and down.

I remember it had a level editor.

Some other things I remember about it are that there were some levels where lava would rise and you had to get to top of the level (I remember 2 levels: inside castle and a huge tree) before the lava reached you. And there were these arrow things which would send you flying in the direction of the arrow if you touched them.

I think that's all I remember now. I'll try to add things if I recall something new.
And thanks in advance!

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April 17, 2011 3:50:48 PM

Bump. Still trying to find the game but no luck. :( 

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