inherited OLD Linux Red Hat disks

I have a couple of what I think to be old Linux install CD's. It's a two disk set and it says on the CD:

Red Hat Linux 5.1
copy right 1998
by Sam's Publishing and it's licensor's
version 1.0

At the bottom it says:
third edition

The ISBN is 0-672-31372-3cd

Is this too old to mess with if I should decide to fool around with Linux?
I'm afraid of messing up what is finally a good install of XP, so I haven't messed around with Linux at all.

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  1. Good luck with 5.1! Those cds are probably too old!
  2. I don't think you have RedHat install disks. I think you have the CD version of the book. See the link below:

    <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>
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