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I know I am running a year late and though a lot has already been said on this, however i can not stop me from saying it again that today I got Mass Effect 2 and was able to import my Shepard from Mass Effect 1 which I had saved long back on my portable HDD.

The graphics looks great and seeing the old face of Shepard (Eva Shepard, thats what I called her) makes me feel just starting from where I left. Great work EA.

Just one thing, I was hoping that I will be able to import all the upgrades and improvements in the character, combat etc but looks like I missed them. I simply went in the config utility and directed it to my saved folder and went like water. Hv I done anything wrong here?

Apart from this, the game looks promising. I am soon to leave for HK where I will be absolutely busy over a year at least as I am being assigned to a new transition project + I can not carry my RIG there and not sure by when I will be able to make one there so want to finish ME2 for once at least and see how my Shepard holds up this time.

Wish me luck.
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  1. Yeah nice game, and the dlc is nice too.
    I didn't get your point about upgrades & improvements though - ?
  2. You did not mess up or forget anything when you imported your ME1 character.

    Bioware changed the gameplay mechanics in ME2. I assume it was done to make it easier to use the interface in the console versions and maybe some ME1 complaints about the Mako. No armor or weapons are imported and the number of special powers and abilities have been reduced.

    You basically start a "fresh" game with your imported character.

    The best DLC is "Lair of The Shadow Broker" ($7) since the mission is relatively long compared to the other DLCs. It is said that the conclusion of this DLC will have an impact on ME3 coming out by the end of this year. If you had a romance with Liara in ME1, then you can continue it here.

    "Zaeed: The Price of Revenge" and "Kasumi's Stolen Memory" are good DLCs ($5 each) that adds a new character, but they lack the dialog wheel and are relatively short.
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