GTA San Andreas for Ps2 two player

is there two player on gta san andreas for ps2
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  1. duhon27 said:
    is there two player on gta san andreas for ps2

    There are specific areas within the game world that you are able to play with a second player but it was all within that one screen. You have to find an icon that enables it, kind of like Rampage but this brought up a menu where the second player could choose their skin. I think it was only in a small area as well but I haven't really played the game in a while.

    The PC version of the game had a mod made for it at one point dubbed "Multi Theft Auto" though I don't know if it's supported and probably doesn't do you much good in this case.
    This map should have the locations on it. Each has a number where said icon is.
    Several other maps for anything you needed in game.
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