Call of duty 6 server problem

After I click find game, it usually takes a long time to find server.

It says 0/19 at each ping...

Then it says "search available game" after the ping sweep.

Is this normal? I thought there might be some problems cuz should be a lot of servers...
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  1. waiting a long time for the match making process to find a server is normal.
    the default is a disaster.
    i would suggest using alter iwnet .. but i used it and my game will suddenly close while playing.
    it just disappears into thin air apparently.
    with that said, i think maybe there is a security problem using the alteriwnet version.

    i find that to be a real disappointment because alteriwnet circumvents the constant playing of the same two or three maps that iw match making forces upon its players.

    when i used the default iwnet.. i would be stuck playing the same two or three maps for more than 1 hour.
    lack of map rotation is really obnoxious and problematic when the maps i am stuck playing are not the ones i want to play.

    with alteriwnet, you can pick which map you want to play because you can pick a server that has the map you want currently running.

    it really stinks because i prefer modern warefare 2 over black ops any day.
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