Every single game CTD

Alright, so I noticed this starting to happen a couple of days ago. I've been playing SimCity 4 and Jade Empire, both are crashing between 15 minutes to an hour of play. I've checked my temps, they seemed high, so I cleaned the heatsink and fan. Brough the temps down, but still CTD. I've scoured the internets, searched through DXdiag and event viewer, nothing. There's nothing pointing to what my problem could be.

Now here's a bit of a kicker. A few weeks ago, I upgraded to Flash 10.2, and Chrome kept crashing, and several other programs started acting... strange. I uninstalled and reinstalled 10.2, but I haven't had an opportunity to test due to not having internet on that rig (using wifi only, currently, and waiting for wifi card for desktop). Anyways, I don't think it's my PSU, there'd be more things going crazy. It's not my memory, I test it once a month because I'm always suspicious of it, and honestly this is Simcity 4 and Jade Empire, not the most graphically/ system intensive games in the world.

Anyone suggest a way to log the ctd, or a fix would be awesome.


P4 3.0ghz running non-overclocked
ATI Radeon HD 3400 Pro
2gb HP DDR2 ram
2 IDE hdd
1 Sata
Windows XP Pro sp3

So, let's hear whatcha got. I'll post anything you might need, it just might take a bit for me to load it onto a memstick so I can get it here :P

P.S. I apologize deeply if this is in the wrong section. I've read TH for awhile, but never posted in the forums :/
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  1. Also, something to note is that once it starts CTDing, everything CTDs more frequently.

    IE: Fresh reboot, will get an hour playtime or so, then CTD. Restart game, half amount of time. Restart game, half that. Just noticed it a couple of hours ago.

    Running DX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904), .net v4.0.30319
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