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I'm looking to purchase a PII mobo (using a PII 400 slot1) that will support a DVD drive. Any suggestions on the type of chipset or mobo's that offer this?
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  1. You'll be able to run a DVD-rom drive with basically anything. Just realize that you need an open pci slot for a decoder card, or better yet just get a good video card for the agp slot.

    I must say though that buying a P2 at this point is a waste of money unless you've got everything except a motherboard and just want to get it running.

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  2. I currently have the PII 400 cpu and I'm just looking for the mobo to be able to play dvd's. As for the decoder, I'm looking for a mobo that has this integrated within the board so all I have to do is install the drive and software and I'm watching movies.
  3. Now I don't claim to be an expert, but I don't think I've ever seen a mobo with integrated DVD decoder. Generally when they have built-in video, it's a bare bones video chipset. I used to have a PII 400 and it was capable of doing software decoding of DVDs (with appropriate software that usually comes with the DVD drive). So I wouldn't be too worried about the mobo choice.
  4. My current mobo has an ATI Rage Pro video setup onboard.
    I'm not certain if this does the decoding or if there's
    another chip that's onboard that decodes.
    I too am not an expert when it comes to DVD software and
    hardware. The PC is configured for the 2nd generation DVD.
    This system was reconfigured when I purchased it. Since I
    purchased the PC, the company went out of business. So no
    drivers or info is available. I removed the mobo out of the case a couple days ago and couldn't find any distinguishing
    names to ID the type of board. At least it has an Intel chipset.
  5. I do know that the Rage Pro does not have hardware based DVD decoding capabilities. You'll have to use software decoding, or buy a video card that does have that feature builtin.

    What do you mean by your "PC is configured for 2nd generation DVD?" As far as I know, any DVD drive will play DVDs on any computer system as long as there is hardware or software decoding capabilities.
  6. I have the same computer as you and here was my experience:

    The P2400 worked fine on DVD's with my first videocard and decoder card until the matrix came out. I then got a voodoo3 3000 and used dvdwin for software encoding and it still sucked. The scene when the helicoptor crashes into the building as well as a few other intensive ones just crashes the machine.

    So I said screw it and bought a home entertainment system :)

    As far as motherboards with integrated dvd decoding they don't exist, but the integrated video on some of the new boards is supposed to run dvd reasonably. I don't know which ones are good for your p2 400 since I didn't worry too much about it when it didn't work. Nonetheless, I doubt the integrated video would be better than your video card, so just go get dvdwin or some other software decoding software and see how you do.

    "I think I brained my damage"
  7. The second gen that I'm speaking of is the DVD drive, It's a 2X.
    For now, I'm going to search for any freeware that I can
    use on this system. Can someone drop me a URL for some good software?
    Thanks in advance.
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