Is PC World magazine affiliated with Norton/Symantec?

I ask this because this publication rated Norton's anti-virus suite #1 (by far) over everything recently, including Kapersky, Avast, Avira, AVG, etc.. I think McAfee was #2...

Considering I've never heard anything good about Norton from PC enthusiasts....ever....this seems kinda questionable.
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  1. Remember that these publishers rely on advertising revenue from those companies to keep them in a job.
    People contributing to forums don't get paid and give their opinions based on their experiance with these products.
  2. Yah, Jon - Though to offer a contrarian opinion: The Magazine guys do look at new offerings, whereas people with bad experiences with products like Norton or McAfee (like me, BTW) often will continue to bad mouth long after flaws may have been be corrected.

    i.e. Both Norton and McAfee are supposed to have been much improved as of late. But in my case, past experience is such that not only would I never actually install one of these products to test (let alone "rely on"), I would also never recommend either to anyone. On the contrary - I'd be more inclined to regale listeners with my stories about slow, bloated, garbage that does little to protect your computer, combined with quasi~legal billing practices, and cutthroat "customer support" who's job it is to get you to spend even more money on the new version as the solution to "fix" the software they f*cked you out of $60 over in the first place.

    Not that I'm angry and bitter, you understand ;) Merely... Somewhat less than balanced on this particular topic. :D
  3. No, they are not. Norton has really, really improved.

    As techie for the past 15 years or so i find people really hate McAfee and Norton because they trusted them during the early 2000's and by 2005 or so they became bloated and just horrible... I am the same. Up through the middle of 2009 I told people to stay clear of it, then I tried it out on a machine as a last resort and I found it had really gotten better. Still took me awhile before I recommended it... but I've warmed up to them for the most part.
  4. As for Norton, I found that as long as you stayed with just the AntiVirus - and didn't get the uber-bloated 360 - it's always been nice and trim. Now with the new 2011 version, it's trip and it's very easily customizable with what warnings you want to see and what you want it to "auto" clean.

    McA might be cleaned up, but I still find it a lot more troublesome and NON-intuitive than even AVG.

    Edit: not enough coffee for spelling this morning yet....
  5. I have had Norton for years on my computer but just this year I thought I'd switch over to McAfee and just did that today. I did have the Norton 360 and now reading comments about it being "bloated" I know maybe I should have just kept it simple.

    Anyhow, the seed producers I worked with for 16 plus years always had McAfee on their systems and for a company with over 20,000 employees worldwide, I figured if it was good enough for them it ought to be good enough for me.
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