Screen tearing within the refresh rate!

Hi, i get alot of screen tearing in most games even when the fps are withing 40-60 and my display refresh rate is 60Mhz,
my systems specs:
Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.6Ghz
4G DDR3 @ 1600Mhz
Radeon HD 5770 @ 895, 1300
600W PSU

The game graphics quality is very and smooth but i get the screen tearings all the time!
Hope there's a solution for this, thank u?!
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  1. well, i think i dont need to bec the frams dont get over 60, anyway i found a solution that i used and i dont know if its the best or nor, i always enabled v-sync in the video card driver, and i also enabled "Trible Buffering", which suppose to improve the fps with v-sync, and i alreay felt much better in some games and some not...
  2. well, i think in this article they disagree with you, and to be honest, in game like Splinter Cell Conviction, the tearing disappeared and i got a much better performance, but in a game like metro 2033 i got so much lower screen tearing but more laggin, i guess this's a big problem that faces alot of ppl in gamind world :)
  3. yet i'm wondering about the OpenGL Triple Buffer, does it work with all games like this?! and "wait for vertical refresh" option also i dont think it works the same as v-sync for alot of times the game get over 60fps which is more than the frame rate, or mayb the Fraps doesnt show the actual frames with Triple Buffer on!!!
  4. Quote:
    no you got it wrong there. Tripple buffering helps when you have a LCD with a slow response rate. The gpu only send stuff to the LCD when it gets a signal from the LCD that its ready. Now the gpu will race ahead and save the images on two buffers while waiting for the monitor. Now if those buffers are full it will either stop or if you have tripple buffering enabled will use a extra space on its ram to save it. Vsync will run at just below your refresh rate which has a performance hit. Use one or the other if you have Ghosting issues. do not use both together.

    But having Ghosting problems tells a story that your running a good gpu on a low resolution.

    I think you'r right, i think it doesnt make any sense using them together!!!!
  5. I was getting screen tearing within my LCD's refresh rate (under 60 FPS) however v sync still fixed it ( dont ask me why )
  6. Well, i did this but i have a strange problem, why sometimes i dont get a smooth gameplay while i play within 50-60 FPS, that's really wierd?!
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