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I wish to hook up my Xbox 360 to my monitor using an HDMI cable. Well it works perfectly but I have no audio...I have turtle beach headsets for sound and it doesn't work. My monitor has 2 jacks which I have no idea what it means...Audio IN and Audio Out..I plug in the turtle beach red\white wires randomly trying all possibilities and it doesn't work...need some help.
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  1. you need to connect your audio to the OUT port on your monitor

    also, since you said you have red/white wires, you'll need a 3.5mm to rca connector:
  2. The hdmi wire from your xbox should carry audio as well, mine does

    Are you connecting to a pc monitor or a hdtv?
    If you are using a hdtv there should be a port for hdmi audio in where you can connect your standerd xbox wires to

    If you are using a pc monitor you willl need the adapter kitkat suggested.
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