hyperthreading and xp

I just upgraded my p4 2.4ghz processor to a 3.0ghz with hyperthreading on a fully compatible motherboard.

Okay right after install I boot up windows and it detects something new which is natural and wants me to reboot. I reboot and just before it gets to the prompt for me to login it just stays black, it never logs into windows. So I reset and go into bios and disable hyperthreading and the same thing happened on XP boot. So then heh I went into safe mode and did a system restore and I could log back into windows again.

Question is do I have to reinstall windows xp sp1 or do anything special to prepare it?

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  1. Also if I do have to format and install again, I only have an XP install disc without any service packs, is multiprocessors supported on it?
  2. Pretty sure you are going to have to reinstall. I've seen Windows XP installed on hyperthreaded P4s without any service packs installed so I would say it must work...

    ....WW (5.0)
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