133 CPU bus vs. AGP/PCI Speed?

Just a quick question to make sure that I'm not frying my PCI/AGP slots. =) I have a AV7133, T-bird 1.1 (L1 closed), running at 9X133 (1200Mhz). I've looked all over in the BIOS to make sure that I'm not running the AGP and PCI Bus over the rated speed. Where the heck do I set the AGP/PCI speed to 66Mhz/33Mhz while running @133 MHZ FSB and Memory speed?? Sandra Si-soft says that my AGP/PCI bus clocks overclocked. *Shrugs*

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  1. Your Agp/Pci speeds are not overclocked sisoft is not reporting them correctly. When you set the a7v133 to 133 fsb it sets the Agp/Pci ratios to 1/2 and 1/4 accordingly.

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