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I am going to build a system in the next month to replace my PII 350. I think I have settled on a KT133A based board because of comments in this and other forums, my question now is which board. I like the A Open board, AK73-1394(A) because of the on board firewire will eliminate the need for another purchase. Question on this is does anyone have this board and do they like it, or suggestions of other boards that I would just add firewire? I also cant seem to find a place to purchase the “A” version of this board I do find the KT133 version but not the A. The AMD I am looking at getting for this board is the retail 1 or 1.1 GHZ Tbird. Does the fan that comes with the retail work well enough for moderate overclocking?

The case I am looking at is the Enlight tower case.

Memory, Crucial 256mg PC133 SDRAM CA-2.

I have a question on the DVD portion. I had seen in a configuration elsewhere that there is a combo DVD CD-RW available. Has anyone used this setup, it intrigues me to have the RW and the DVD in one bay or would I be better off buying the DVD and CD-RW separately. Also the video card I am looking at is the ATI 32MB or 64MB DDR Radeon, the thing I am most worried about is to make sure the DVD, Video card, Motherboard will work together.

Another question is what is the sound quality of the onboard sound that some of these boards come with. I’m not an audiophile but I would like to have decent stereo sound with subwoofer support.

I’m primarily going to be using this computer for low end home video editing, flight simulation, other gaming like Links Golf, and productivity software. The above configuration was actually fairly inexpensive so I am not against spending more cash if it would make for a better system, any suggestions that you may have would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have never used an Aopen mobo but I have been around alot of their products. I hate Aopen! I love Asus boards, I have 2 of the A7V's and and am looking at getting a A7V133 (KT133A). If anyone else out there has had good look with the Aopen mobo I would take their advise over mine I have only worked with other products that Aopen makes.
  2. I feel I know you.
    I have a PII 300 and am doing just the same thing.
    After months of deliberations, I have come up with this.

    AMD Duron 850MHz socket A
    Abit KT7A (socket A, via KT133, udma100, AGP 4x, ATX, 3x DIMM)
    2 x 128Mb PC133 cas 2 (crucial)
    Quantum Fireball AS 10.2Gb (UDMA100, 7200rpm, 8.5ms, 2Mb)
    ATI Radeon 32Mb DDR - AGP 4x
    Midi Tower ATX 300W
    Creative Sound Blaster Live! 1024
    Aopen CRW1232 (IDE, 32r12w10rw, 4mb internal)
    Asus CD-S400 (40x)
    Floppy Disk Drive
    Cooler Master H/S + Fan

    This gives me load of room for upgrades.
    I have thought about the Athlon T/bird, but I'm prepared to just up my processor to a duron, cause although speed is important, I can't afford the fastest, so i'll have a decent one for little price.
    The sound card is decent without having to pay heaps also.
    I took some time to decide on a graphics card, and I feel I don't play the kind of games which warrant major memory.(lies)
    A few people may not like this system, but it will be reliable and nippy, without having to take out a mortgage.
    Once the money builds up again, I'll probably get a second HD to free up one for system only, or maybe even try RAID.
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