ATA100 drives running on an ATA33 motherboard

I'm struggling to get my new drive recognised on my motherboard. The drive is a Deskstar 75GXP UDMA100 drive and my motherboard is a Gigabyte 6BXC (yes, I know - quite an old one) which, apparently, is only ATA33.

So, the question is - should my drive work on my motherboard (albeit somewhat slower than if it was on a ATA100 m/b) utilising a 'standard' IDE cable (it doesn't at the moment), or does it need an ATA100 compatible cable ?

Any ideas/suggestion gratefulyl appreciated.
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  1. I don't know the particulars of your motherboard, but try this. Use a standard old 33 cable and then you should have a diagnostics disk for your HD that allows you to set it to either 33,66, or 100. I have done this with a western digital ultra 100, so hopefully it will work for you. It won't work with the 66 and 100 cable though. Your motherboard will require the 33 cable.

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  2. My bet is your BIOS might not recognize it due to its size- I forget the limit of that vintage, but that size was just a twinkle in an engineers eyes back then.
  3. Your motherboard is probably only able to recognize drives up to 8.4GB or something. Various BIOS versions for different boards could only recognize drives up to a certain capacity. Find out what the highest capacity is for your motherboard, and if you've exeded it, get disk partitioning software free from the drive manufacturer.

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  4. this is a fact to help you..

    ALL ATA 100 drives and ATA drives in general are backward and will run at slower ata 33 and slower speeds

    but you will not get the rated speed...
    ignore some of the posts to your answer they are not correct

    hope that helps you

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