I keep getting disconnection on EA games. NEED HELP.

Hi gang,

Well, every time I try and play EA games. Such as the Crysis 2 demo as well as my Battlefield Bad Company 2 game online. About 3-5 minutes I get lost connection to server screen. I am at my wits end why this is happening. I can play other games fine. Such as COD BLOPS and MW2. Please any help would be really appreciated. I am running a Dlink DIR-615 router. :sweat:
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  1. I know this error, because I diagnosed it in BF 2142 years ago...

    Whats happening is about every 5 minutes, your game "calls" to EA's servers to update your status [statistics, etc]. For whatever reason, some routers ALWAYS block this transmission if their firewall is enabled. It is NOT a Windows problem.

    In my case, I can turn off my routers internal firewall, and the issue goes away. I can also confirm its NOT a port forwarding issue . So try turning off your routers firewell.

    This was a BIG issue when BF 2142 launched, and me and a bunch of other guys at the EA forums tracked this nasty bug down. Problem is, most other EA games have the SAME EXACT ISSUE, despite it getting fixed in 2142 over 5 years ago...[EA, fix your netcode already...]
  2. Damn. I tried it all with no resolution. Even EA was a big waste of time. PLEASE ANYONE HELP!!!!
  3. I don't have any experience with EA's servers, but have you tried connecting the PC directly to the modem?

    If it works, then that means there are some settings in your router that's causing the issue.
  4. I think I have figured it out. I went into the router settings and Turned on DMZ for my computer and I played Bad company 2 for a half hour. So I think that may have been the problem.
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