quake 3 engin and its retard resolutions

Ok first off i would LOVE to know why this retarded resolution of 1280x1024 exists, can some one tell me? becuase its not 4:3 ratio and it looks retarded, everything is stretched. 1280x960 is a proper 4:3 ratio.

now for some reason any game i play has to be at 1280x960, or when you move the mouse at any other resolution the mouse seems choppy, almost like v sinc doesnt even work, altho it is. if you srafe sideways you can see everything smooth as silk, then when you free look with the mouse it goes all choppy like your getting 43 fps and v sinc isnt on. i want to play through jedi knight 2, but the [-peep-] quake 3 engin only supports 1280x1024, is there anyway of changing it to 1280x960 a Proper resolution, becuase seriously if i wanted to play at somthing retarded like 1280x1024, you might as well play at 640x512 , thats the same resolution aspect ratio as 1280x1024. so wtf.

so there must be some glitch of some sort that stops mouse smoothing from working on any other resolution but 1280x960, and ive seen this on my other computer with a diferent video card and a different mouse. most people are too noobed out to notice.
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  1. Yeah, right.

    Or it could be the refresh rate of your mouse is low (as is set by the OS), or you should try 1024x768 and see if that is still lame.

    Newbed out... LOL.

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  2. its only smooth at 1280x960

    so being forced to play at 1280x1024 on these quake 3 engin based games is retarded, i might as well drop my fps from over 85 v sincd down to 47 or 43 and turn vsinc off cuz it looks the [-peep-] same
  3. I've never heard of a problem like that b4.... not sure if you should be so quick to blame q3 though.

    Lots of monitors look way better running 1280x1024 rather than by 960... I prefer the 1024 myself, and had never had a problem in any game running at that res. (thought I don't play q3 really).
  4. 1280x1024 is a "standard" resolution

    the ones you described are non standard and cause stretching

    lol noob


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  5. >>>>>>>1280x1024 is a "standard" resolution

    the ones you described are non standard and cause stretching<<<<<

    IMFAO, sounds like some one needs to do there [-peep-] homework....., 1280x1024 is 5:4 ratio, not 4:3. and 1280x1024 looks Stretched unless you hav e a 5:4 ratio monitor you dumb squaw. LCD's for instance FIT 1280x1024 so nuthing looks stretched. and just to touch up so your brain can understand somthing. half of 1280x1024 = 640x512. so YEA 640x512 is a standard resolution as well, 640x480 looks stretched yeah? holy christ some people need a good kick in the ass. "Yea 3453x1232 is standard too and 800x600 is stretched"

    rofl nub
  6. sorry man but you didnt say you had a LCD. of course its a different situation now that you did say it


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  7. Take some valium dude...

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