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Hi all,
I have a client that is in the medical field. They want to have their doctors/nurses be able to take laptops into patient rooms and connect to their patient software, which basically runs off a network share and doesn't need to install on the computer.

Skipping some of the details, my team and I were thinking that a thin client solution would work well for them, but the only thin client laptops that we have dealt with personally 'forget' the wifi network each time they are booted up. Does anyone here know of a good thin client laptop (preferably in the ~12in, 3lb range) that will automatically remember the wifi network and automatically connect to either Server 2008 Terminal Services or VMware View? We're comfortable with either option.

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  1. Mike, I just signed up here and see that this thread is from March so you probably got an answer already but any thin client should be able to remember a Wi-Fi password. I am personally familiar with HP thin client (t5720, 5730, 5735, 5740, 2533, etc). Once you set the Wi-Fi password, just "commit the write filter" and reboot. The system will automatically connect when rebooted. On HP thin clients to set the write filter by right-clicking on the green lock symbol in the start tray, or from the control panel.
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