Hop up to 500 Mhz with no documented support?

I have a board that says in the docs that it supports up to K62 350 and want to put a k62 500 - possible or chasing my tail??
Jumpers appear to support bus speed and voltage but unsure of the rest. Board MFG by SCE which seems to be defunct - any ideas
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  1. If you can get the 5x multiplier and the 100FSB, it should work, but BIOS might not read it as the right speed. If that fails, set the jumper to 2x and the FSB to 83MHz-the K6-2 500 recognizes the 2x multiplier as 6x, so while BIOS believes you are running 133, you are actually running 500.
    As for the voltage, I have used up to 2.8v for the 2.2v processor without damage.

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