Installing windows 7 problems, stuck at 0% expanding NO DVD access?

Hi again,

i feel so foolish. never had such a problem with setting up a pc.
but i am now trying to install windows 7 on the core2 duo with 2 gigs of ram that i just set up.

first i would get a black screen of death after the initial "starting windows" screen, but i went in an even though i have no floppy drive told the BIOS "none" and "disable" for the floppy.

now it gets through to where we are copying and extracting files.
The first bit flies, 100% in seconds, and then at expanding (second step) it sits stuck, and there isnt even DVD drive access.

I tried another dvd drive but that one wouldnt even BOOT with the install dvd, i think its just a really really old drive. i dont understand why it stops at the second step without dvd drive activity, no light nothing.

ive tried ejecting the disk, doesnt do anything.
tried the red x to close the window then telling it no, dont cancel the install.

its a fresh 80gb drive. formatted new.
i cant see anything about sata in my gigabyte bios or i would disable it.

dont see anything about hyperthreading etc or i would disable it... this all based on research.

any ideas? why it would just... stop?
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  1. Is bios detecting the hard drive? you may have a faulty data cable.
  2. no, i had to unplug all other drives from the pata cable (i had one HDD and one DVD ROM) and left the windows install drive which was a SATA remain plugged in.

    after the hdd on the pata cable was disconnected, the dvd drive read fine through the entire install and worked like a charm!

    this is the best reply and this is solved. thanks!
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