Re-use The Old PSU.

Hi Experts,
My PC currently has a P2-slot1 Mainboard. I want to upgrade to an AMD mainboard. Assuming my current PSU has sufficient juice, my question is whether its output connector has the same pin configurations as those designed for AMD mainboards(So it will not damage my new MB) in terms of voltage outputs and physical configuration (so it will fit)?
Thanks all for helping. My knowledge in this area is so limited.
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  1. I'm pretty sure that all psu use the same connectors. Do you know what the voltage rating of your's is?

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  2. Tempus,
    Thank for helping me. Mine is rated at 250W.
  3. Well then it doesn't even matter if it fits. You <i>should</i> use atleast a 300W PS. I recommend a 350W or 400W though.

    - I don't write Tom's Hardware Guide, I just preach it"
  4. if you got it form an ome then watch out they like to make there powersupplies only work wioth there boroads
    i've herd about this form compaq and form dell ( my friend went to put a new mother board in a dell and it ended up blowing the powersupply because it wasn't compatably with a none dell board
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