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I'm currently running a sys tem with the following specs
Asus A7V Bios ver 1004d
128 MB pc133 RAM
30 GB Maxtor HDD
Asus 45x CDROM
Creative GEForce2 MX
Creative Live Value!
Aztech int modem
samsung 750s monitor

The problem is when i bought the system (preassembled) and installed the software i was amazed at how much faster it was compared to a friends p3 but after a while it started lagging behind. i don't understand whats wrong. I defrag quite often ,my harddisk is under minimal use and it got even slower after after i installed the Promise ATA100 controller(plus it always says there is some registry problems when i installed the ATA100 controller). Speed is the least of my problems. everytime i surf the pc locks up at certain sites or when i open too many windows. also my McAfee virusscan's background scan seems to lock up the system too. I'm using PCcilin now. Can anyone help me? I'm thinking of Upgrading to Win ME. Any hardware clashes i should know of? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try the 1006 bios version. It apparently solves some of the Promise lags. Upgrading to ME solved all of my lock-up problems. Newer drivers for newer hardware? I really have not noticed a slowdown either.
  2. i feel for ya, as far as system lockupz, do this: clean install OS, don’t (i mean don't) install any stinking drivers (ATA 100, Via 4in1, no IE "upgrades", etc) but sound, video, CDR (if you have one), don't load any of the software that you will not use (PC cilin, MCAfee, etc) those all are nice to have, but not needed in the real world use at all, just clogging the system. ME is a great thing, don’t listen to anyone about it being slow, i ran it for more than a half a year, it’s the same thing as SE but little more stable. System restore (which every body is afraid of) is a good thing too, not bad. Any way, you are coooll if you don't install anything “extra”. Stable system guarantied… huh

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  3. thanks but i already tried it after i first noticed the lag. in fact i did it twice i don't even have a CDR. i formatted my HDD installed win98se without anything else
    booted it a few times and the same thing happened.
    any other suggestions?
  4. you just said you did not install anything, at the same time you have said that you have the same thing happened. How can it be that not installed McAfee can be running it the background and lockup the system. Can you be more specific please... heh

    PS: i mean, what is the same thing, what happened, what you are doing, yada, yada...

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  5. did you do a fresh install or just a reinstall??big difference in the two. a fresh install means save everything you dont want to lose and then format drive C boot from floppy disk. and format drive,then install windows. if you did a reinstall very little has changed.
  6. they were fresh installs
    let get the situation straight:
    1) I notice lag and the webpage lockups. So after a while I
    did a fresh reinstall
    2) the lag still exist but not so prominent. at this point
    the virusscan lockup started
    3) i reinstall (fresh) a few more times to no avail.
    4) i ask for help here

    the last few reinstalls were minimal. no modem no ata 100 etc. and the lag is not really in windows itself. it is more like in the boot up screen(the one with a lot of irq and resources posted). in windows it depends on the situation. like when i run counterstrike(not online) there is a lag there.
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  7. "and the lag is not really in windows itself. it is more like in the boot up screen(the one with a lot of irq and resources posted"

    That one is fine, usually it shown instead of "Windows XX" screen, it takes about 20 to 30 seconds to pass that thing. If you are seing Desktop right after posting screen, it is fine then, otherwise you would have to be seing logon screen (Windows picture).
    If it is not the case, I have misunderstood you then.

    "in windows it depends on the situation. like when i run counterstrike(not online) there is a lag there."

    Lag in Windows will depend on the situation as you have said. It is mostly Windows + drivers issue, not mobo + cpu. If you will get chance try other mobo with yer system just for the hack of it to see if it is a mobo. I have KT7A, have no problems at all with anything, before I had A7V, had to return it cos lots of troubles I had with it.
    Anyway, dont get upset too much, it is all fixable if you stay patient, especially with Asus + Via combination (just my experience, someone have good luck with Asus A7V, I had luck with K7M before too)

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
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