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Hi there. I've been experiencing the wierdest problem with my USB devices on my A7V. I've got a USB mouse and keyboard both plugged into the 2 ports on the board, and then a 4-port hub plugged into one of the ports on the breakout bracket. In the USB hub, I've got a printer, scanner, joystick, and another mouse.

The problem usually seems to happen while printing something...the USB connection to the hub just DIES! It isn't all USB, because the mouse and keyboard still work, but the lights on the hub go out, and errors abound. I can fix it by just unplugging the hub connection and plugging it back in, but I'd really like to know how to eleviate this problem. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanx in advance!

T-bird @1GHz
A7V bios: 1005c, VIA 4.28
256MB PC133
16x10x40 Yamaha CDRW
Asus V7700 Deluxe
SB Live! 5.1
Linksys 10/100
3Com 56k
Antec 300W PS

That burning rubber smell means that it's working.
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  1. I had a similar problem... I have a USB network adapter and i ran my cable thru it and it kept dropping out, i had it plugged into the normal usb port, not the extra ones... It's really weird but something must be up with it, do you agree it's almost like a timeout?

    AMD Tbird 1.1Ghz & SuperORB
    Asus A7V
    128MB PC133 SDRAM
    Winfast GeForce2 MX
    Win98 SE
  2. I don't know if I'd call it a timeout...on mine it seems to only happen when printing something. I can't remeber for sure, but I'm pretty sure I installed the VIA USB driver thing from their web page last time I installed Windows. BTW...I'm running Win2kPro.

    Anyone else out there having these problems?

  3. A few things about the A7V and USB.

    Our tests have shown that with the VIO jumper on the default setting, the USB ports (with hubs) time out or overvolt. Moving the VIO settings to where it should have been all along (onto pins 1&2 = 3.35V) sometimes corrects this problem. In any event, it also fixes other I/O overvoltage problems that stem from this factory default being incorrect (like overvolting your RAM).

    Next, check your USB external port connections. Remember, if you use a powered USB HUB connected to the shared port (on the bracket) you don't want to use the Powered USB57 type connection to supply power to these ports as the USB hub will do that for you. Pulling the 5-pin cable may correct the problem for you, but you should still be using the USB46 connection (USB3 on the motherboard).

    Also, make sure your power supply has AT LEAST 2.0 Amps on the +5Vsb connection. If not, that will DEFINATELY cause problems. We typically use Enermax power supplies with 2.2A on the +5Vsb connection to resolve USB and "Wake On xxx" situations.

    Our systems ship standard using both the 5-pin USB1P (on the card) to USB3A (on the motherboard) and the 10-Pin USB2P (on the card) to USB3 (on the motherboard).

    Also, we then make sure to enable all "Wake on xxx" features BOTH WITH THE JUMPERS AND IN THE BIOS!!!

    Try these settings and let me know how you come out.

    Steve Benoit

    Stable Technologies
    'The way IT should be!'
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